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Safe productive floor space is one of the most valuable assets that most companies own or rent. But unlike many other important assets, factory and warehouse concrete floor repair work is often seen to fall within general building maintenance rather than requiring specialist skills and materials…

Budget wise, becoming the poor relation until minor defects have developed into problems that cant be avoided?

Most often minor defects will always progressively worsen, often presenting as speed and load restrictions on forklifts and other handling equipment for fear of shedding a load, unplanned expensive damage to forklift running gear and operator back complaints from the constant banging and bouncing about.

Not something that companies can afford to postpone. If you are running a business, you simply must provide employees with a safe environment in which to work. That means that every aspect of the operation, from the floor to the ceiling, and all of the machinery, must be safe.

At Inco site services, we specialise in restoring industrial flooring surfaces that are showing signs of wear & tear, back to safe productive workspace. Warehouses and factories floors are among the most heavily populated aggressively trafficked work places out there, and like any other well used equipment, as such should constantly concrete floors, especially joints, need to be assessed constantly inspected to avoid minor defects developing into something more serious or costly. For potential safety hazards.


We Provide the Best Service at the Most Competitive Rates

Over time, it is inevitable that you will need to get in touch with to carry out a warehouse concrete floor repair company, when that day comes, be sure to look no further than Inco UK Inco site services. The same goes for factory floor repair — we have been the best in the business for a number of years and our services continue to go from strength to strength.

At Inco UK, we pride ourselves on delivering an extremely reliable service, and that's why our long list of satisfied customers is growing by the day. We have never had to take out much advertising because so much of our business comes from the recommendations of satisfied customers.

Our warehouse concrete floor repair services are exhaustive in every single aspect, and no job is complete until the surface is returned to its former glory.


We are popular with customers because we always strive to exceed expectations

At Inco UK Site Services ltd, we truly believe that to be successful you must build up the trust of customers. Our technicians and consultants are always available by email, telephone or by on-site visits to discuss any factory floor repairs or issues that you might have we have achieved that through our dedication to getting the job done on time and to the highest standard. This all combines to make us the most reliable company for factory floor repairs.

If you are running a business, we very much appreciate that time is money. That's why, when we tell you we'll be there to carry out the job at a certain time, you can set your watch by us. Our team of talented professionals won't delay and, as soon as your factory floor repair work is carried out, you can get back to work with added peace of mind.

For factory floor repair and warehouse floor repair services, don't hesitate — call now.

Is your floor past repair?

Come to Inco UK for a full floor renovation or replacement. With solutions to fit all commercial and industrial budgets, Inco UK guarantee you’ll be pleased with the end result.

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