Floor Renewals
Is your factory floor looking worse for wear? An old floor could lead to decreased productivity in the workplace or even worse - an accident. Don't leave it to chance, get in touch with Inco UK today for the very best in industrial floor renewals.

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Floor Renovations
Keep your factory floors looking and performing great for years to come with renovations from Inco UK. Using the latest materials and techniques we can guarantee that all of our flooring renovations will bring your floors back to their former glory.

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Floor Repairs
Has your factory floor suffered some damage? Perhaps from an overzealous forklift driver or general wear and tear? Don't ignore it. Damaged floors can quickly deteriorate further causing you more expense in the long run. Call Inco UK today for a free quotation.

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Inco Site Services

Here at Inco Site Services ltd UK, we are specialists who specialise in industrial floor repair, renovation and concrete floor resurfacing.

Our services help support our customers to operate and maintain their floors to the highest standards

So, if you are looking to have the an industrial or warehouse floor that is damaged and causing production restrictions, could cause slips, trips & falls or just looks old and tired often creates significant financial & operational challenges, but it doesn’t have too… give us a call and one of our surveyors / technicians will be able to discuss the options available for your site or warehouse repaired or resurfaced in Yorkshire, you have come to the right place.

What Can We Offer?

We know, understand that as warehouse owners and facility managers or maintenance departments, you need to have keep to a busy schedules and don't always have the in-house labour, specialist equipment or access to the more advanced modern materials? Just making time to pull it all together to organise essential works can be difficult.

As a dedicated industrial flooring company we have all the specialist equipment and skills to allow you to keep your floors in the best productive condition. We offer great reliable service. Our skilled and experienced technicians will be able to offer a range of solutions that meets your needs.

As mentioned before, we are experts in the application of both epoxy floor coating and polyurethane resin and can provide them for your flooring. These are top-of-the-range resins, ideal for any flooring or environment.

At the same time, deciding to use a floor that is damaged or in real need of care may be decreasing affects both productivity whislt increasing the chancesthe productivity of your site, causing a risk to workers, or may be unsightly to outside observers. We can remedy this fast.

We have a great deal of experience and are able to meet diverse needs, doing our job reliably, professionally and up to the highest possible standard. As such we will ensure our work is done well within your established deadline, and in a way that you will be more than happy with.

Our work is dynamic due to our epoxy floor coating application. The application can be multi-layered, incorporating quartz or stone with the resin. This gives your flooring a finish you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

If at any point you require more information, our team will be happy to keep you well up to date and informed on our progress.

Once finished, you'll find yourself with flooring treated or repaired to the highest possible standard. Your newly cared for flooring will be both safe and strong. Thanks to our epoxy resin flooring, your floor will have a luxurious sheen and shine, perfect for commercial or residential properties. Or we can give your flooring a tough, reliable finish, ideal for industrial sites.

Whatever your needs, we provide a timely reliable high-quality competitively priced service.

Looking for floor repairs or renovations in Yorkshire? Call Inco UK today on: 0114 205 5095

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